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Cellist, DJ and Producer

Album: 3D Tattoo

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3D Tattoo
Downward Escalator from Heaven Buy
All in Your Head Buy
Thovem Whomp Buy
Weeping Cello Buy
+ Buy
High Dive Buy
Lost Ojos Buy
Happy Malamute Buy
Drip Drop Tops Buy
Take It or Leave Buy
Crisp Number Buy
No Show Buy
Leisure in the 425 Buy
Live Summer Power Buy


Keith before for his Cello Trio RecordingsQ:  Tell us about your act, music style and background.

A: There’s a lot of influence that enters into my music. Inspiration almost comes from nowhere at times. I might hear something as ‘out’ as a woman yelling at her boyfriend on the phone and want to go... Read More

Q: What have been some important gigs or venues you’ve played?

A: Some of the most amazing responses that I’ve had from my audience have not even happened in venues. When I get the opportunity to simply jam on the street, I simply... Read More



DVD Cover Production Sampler

  • ' India at a Glance ' - Buy Now
    Produced and Cello by Keith Dickerhofe, Violin by Chris Baum, Mixed by Kyle Turner
  • ' The Heart Attacks ' - Buy Now
    Produced, Cello and Cuts by Keith Dickerhofe
    Strings Composed and Violin by Andrei Matorin
    Mixed by Kyle Turner
  • ' It's On Like That ' - Buy Now
    Produced/Engineered, Cello and DJ'ed by Keith Dickerhofe, Vocals by (Spliff) Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd
    Beat used 'V.A.K.I.L.L.' by His-Panik, Cuts by DJ Presyce
  • ' Autotune ' - Buy Now
    Vocals, Written, Produced and Mixed by Keith Dickerhofe, Vocals by Da Fro


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V to the Positive - download
Spearit - download
Simply Grand - download
Mynenow - download
Chicken Cloaca - download
Obligated Perhaps - download
Amped Velocity - download
Pretty Lady Instrumental - download
Northumbrian Cliff Instrumental - download
'Everybody C'mon' House RMX - download
Billy's KO Instrumental - download
Hey Mr. Doctor - download







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